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Wire Rope Hoist Crane

We offer high quality Wire Rope Hoist Crane in the market. Tested for quality, Wire Rope Hoist Cranes are at par with the international standards. We have the acumen to customize these products as per the needs and guidelines of our clients. the Wire Rope Hoist Cranes are manufactured using premium raw material to ensure tensile and robust construction.

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Product Features

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Single or double speed type
  • Available in Pendent Control Type or Radio Remote Control Type
  • Higher efficiency to save power
  • Safe and reliable Hoisting and traveling
  • Cheaper in cost
  • Safety providing limit switches to prevent over Hoisting and over lowering
  • Fail safe type brakes (which are applied when power supply is off and
        released when power supply is on)
  • Capacity up to 3 tonne
Avalable Range

  • 1t. to 10t. Cap. & 20 meters
        Height of lift
  • 1t. Cap. Hoist
  • 2t. Cap. Hoist
  • 3t. Cap. Hoist
  • 5t. Cap. Hoist
  • 7.5t. Cap. Hoist
  • 10t. Cap. Hoist
  • 12.5t. Cap. Hoist
  • 15t. Cap. Hoist

  • 20t. Cap. Hoist
  • 15t. Cap. Monorail Hoist
  • 20t. Cap. Monorail Hoist
  • 3t. Cap. Portable Hoist
  • 5t. Cap. Portable Hoist
  • 7.5t. Cap. Portable Hoist
  • 10t. Cap. Portable Hoist
  • 12.5t. Cap. Portable Hoist
  • 15t. Cap. Portable Hoist
  • 20t. Cap. Portable Hoist
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